For a good night out with friends, head to D’s!

22 May

D’s SixPax & Dogs

Regent Square

1118 South Braddock Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15218 | (412) 241-4666

So… I am clearly on a veggie dog kick, but can you blame me with all the choices in the ‘Burgh?!  I’ve been to D’s a few times to pick up beer or grab a drink with a friend, but this was my first time testing out their cuisine.  I was impressed.  It was tasty.  Lots of veggie-ness on the menu.

We started with the Zucchini planks for an app.  Planks? Must be a PGH thing, as I haven’t seen it before, but many places here offer the massive appetizer.  The zucchini was nice and crispy, but it was a bit over fried to the point of about a quarter of it being in-eatable.  It was a bit greasy, but not terrible.  We only ate one plank a piece, and to be honest, I could have gone for just a half a plank.  It sat pretty heavy in my stomach. But the redeeming factor for the app were the sauces.  The marinara was actually really good- not to sweet or thick.  And the “tiger” sauce was really, really good.  It had the nice kick from the horseradish and the cooling cream.  It was worth patting the grease off another plank to go back from more!

Fried Zucchini Planks
We fry a humongous handful of breaded zucchini medallions to a golden brown. Served with your choice of marinara or tangy tiger sauce… or heck, both.

For our main course, we tried two different veggie dogs.  Clearly, a Chicagoan at heart, I had to go with the Chicago Dog.  Great choice! The dog was packed with amazing veggie ingredients and void of ketchup- just like a dog should come!  The actual dog itself was a touch dry- overcooked by a minute, I think.  But the condiments more than made up for this misstep.  And, the whole thing came properly on a poppy seed bun.  Well done, D’s!

Capone, Jordan, Ditka, and a dash of celery salt! All on a poppyseed bun! Well, more like relish, onions, pickles, tomatoes, sport peppers, and yellow mustard (oh, and that dash of celery salt!), but still.

The other dog was a must try!  The Big Ben (while not one of my favorite sports heros) it was a great dog! Crispy fries, melty gooey cheese sauce, and coleslaw.  Ummmmm, yes please!  I will go back for this one!

This little slice of Heaven has nothing to do with a clock that’s 3,700 miles away and everything to do with our star quarterback! Piled high with fries, creamy cheddar and coleslaw!

So here are my words to the wise next time you made the stroll to D’s in Regent Square.

1. One hotdog is MORE than enough!  I think I ate about two bites of each and one zucchini plank and I was stuffed.  And I am not the “I’ll just have a side salad” kinda gal.  These dogs pack it all in.  They are stuffed!

2. The servers in the main dining area all tag-team the tables.  The women who took our order was NOT friendly, but the dudes were. So… Well, I guess there is really no advice here, just be warned.

3. One of my favorite parts about this place is that you can go into the beer cave, pick out any beer you want, and they will open it for you right there.  If you want a beer that isn’t cold yet, they have a convenient super cooler that can get your beer frosty very quickly.  You can also get 6 &12 packs to go.  They have a great selection of local and micro-brews on tap.  You can’t go wrong with the beer here.

Overall Grade for D’s SixPax & Dogs : A-

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