Mardi Gras in the ‘Burgh

28 Feb

NOLA on the square

Good service. Good fun. Good food.

Last week, a big group of us went out for a friend’s birthday. This place was fun and funky. Decorated in true Mardi Gras, New Orleans style, this place had me right when I walked through the doors! The folks at NoLa had a great table in the back setup for us, and our server was delightful. She was attentive without being annoying (you know what I’m talking about). This place had a great selection of beers and an equally interesting, but not super veggie friendly, food menu. With starters like crispy fried alligator and blue crab and strawberry salad, I was bit worried. However after tasting the only veggie appetizer option, my worries were squelched!

Fried Artichokes: Abita battered with creole mustard ranch. Ummmm, yes please! Now, I like artichokes. I don’t love love artichokes, but I like them in moderation… This dish however, may have made me love (not quite love love) artichokes. Fried nuggets of artichoky heaven with a ridiculously good side sauce to boot. I would go back to NoLa just for this dish with a nice Abita Turbo Dog on the side! But be warned, the app is $9 for just five little artichoke nuggets.

Then came a tasty salad that was just perfection. Their namesake salad, the NOLA salad: was filled with baby greens, romaine, red onions, sweet potato chips, soft chevre (heavenly!) and topped with a light vinaigrette. The salad had nothing too fancy, but it was just right.

Other than a veggie flatbread, there is only one vegetarian main course entree. Good thing is was tasty!

Griddle Grits: Stone ground grits topped with camembert, haricot vert (green beans for the not so classy like me!) and a tomato creole mixture. This dish was good. It wasn’t excellent, but it was good. For what it was, it was a bit pricy- $17. The grits were cooked well- skillet style, more like polenta, but with a nice char on the bottom. The green beans were delish! My only problem with the dish was that the tomatoes tasted canned. I guess they could have just been a bit overcooked and gotten that canny flavor, but they were not my fave. But the grits, green beans, and cheese were a lovely combo that I would get again.

The salad and entree are both 1/2 sized portion because I split the dishes.

All in all, it was a night full of lots of laughs, lots of beer and wine, and lots of good food. I would recommend this place for any larger group or for folks who want to go out and have a few drinks and some good food- just remember to bring along your credit cards, because this place costs a pretty penny!

Overall grade for NOLA on the square: B

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