Book my plane ticket now!

07 Feb

Kaya Restaurant describes itself as island inspired cuisine.  I don’t quite know what island they are talking about, but if anyone knows, I am willing to book my plane ticket right now!  A good meal from start to finish.  Good service, good music, good drinks, good apps, good entrees.  Good all around.

Tucked into the back of the Strip District, Kaya offers unique, inspired, and darn tasty dishes.

We started our meal with:

Tofu Cracklins: crunchy little cubes of tofu with peanuts (lots of them!), scallions, and a really light chipotle BBQ that was far from overpowering. Huge portion and we ate every last little tofu morsel.

Kayapolitian:  Lemongrass and lime zest-infused vodka with a splash of white cranberry juice with dried cranberries.  Smooth and refreshing!

There were only three veggie entrees on current menu, but the two that we had were delicious!

Jerked Tofu Tacos: avocado, cabbage slaw, cilantro cream sauce, cilantro, Reyna’s tortillas.  The tofu was cut into the same cubes that we had for an app, but the taste was totally different.  True to its name, the tofu was indeed jerked.  It was spicy, smokey and sweet.  Some may find the combo a bit overpowering, but with the avocado and cilantro cream on top of a lightly grilled tortilla, it was just right!

Squash Torta: tomato, zucchini, spiced goat cheese, frisee, sunny side egg.  This was the perfect bit, every time.  The torta (sandwich) came with a small side salad that was to die for- amazing garlicy dressing that didn’t distract from the freshness and crispness of the mixed greens.  The bread was something out of a dream.  It looked hard and bland, but turned out to be everything you could ask for in bun form!  It was sweet, soft, hearty, fresh and had a lovely texture.  I have only had bread like it once before and that was in Costa Rica.  It held up well with all the toppings including a perfectly cooked sunny-side up egg. The spicy goat cheese made the sandwich.  That paired with the sweet bread and egg- a perfect match.  I would go back to Kaya just for this sandwich. I haven’t had something so unique and so delish in a very, very long time.

Overall, this place was one of the better meals I have had in PGH.  It had a great atmosphere that would work for a night out with friends or a romantic evening with your love.  Either way, I think you’d have a pleasant experience.  Kaya is a win in my book.

Kaya’s grade: A

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