Finding more than pierogies in Pittsburgh!

21 Dec

Today while surfing the ol’ world wide web for some good ‘burgh restaurants, I got a wild hair.  In my short 6 months of becoming an official Pittsburgher (I have done this by: going to a Steelers game, a Pirates game, cruising the Strip on a Saturday morning, going to the Carnegie museums, and chowing on lots of pierogies), I have been slowly discovering why Pittsburghers LOVE their city.  There are good people, great sports, lovely international shopping opportunities, lots of sordid history, and an amazing alternative scene full of hipsters, musicians, and artists and most importantly DELICIOUS FOOD!

In an effort to learn more about my new city, (this the “wild hair” part I referred to earlier) I have decided to create a blog to show my evolving love for my new city- from a progressive, jazz-loving, sports-crazed,  documentary-consuming, vegetarian perspective.  My hope is to chronicle the new places I go in the ‘burgh-  restaurants, coffee shops, books stores, video rental shops, thrift stores, movie theaters, art galleries, record shops, and the like.  Though my explorations, I hope that new (and seasoned) Pittsburghers will help discover that there is WAY more than pierogies in Pittsburgh!

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Posted by on December 21, 2011 in Pittsburgh Neighborhoods


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